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Go Western Fun Day
1-5pm | TBA
Hosted by the Plainville Royalty
Entry Fee: $3 per class or $10 for the entire day. Sign-up can be done anytime prior to the class beginning. Classes close as the first contestant enters the arena. Parent permission slips will be required.

Age Divisions: Pee Wee (age 1-6), Youth (age 7-10), Junior (age 11-14) and Senior (age 14-18). All ages determined by January 1 of the current year.

Go West! – Western dress encouraged, long sleeves, boots and hats/caps to keep you protected in the arena for fun all afternoon. Prizes for the best dressed!

Classes: (*Non-equine activity)  
Dummy Roping *   All Ages

Stick Barrels*

  Pee Wee, Youth
Calf Scramble*   All Ages
Udder Cow Milking*   All Ages
Western Lead Line   Pee Wee, Youth
Walk Trot Horsemanship   Pee Wee, Youth
Western Pleasure   All Ages
Reining   Youth, Jr., Sr.
Egg in Spoon Race   All Ages
Ribbon Race (pair)   All Ages
Phone Book Race   All Ages
Barrel Race   All Ages
Flying W   All Ages
Pole Bending   All Ages


Dummy Roping – The contestant who throws the most loops catching the dummy steer head in the 2 min. time limit. Contestant can cross the line as they make their toss but must begin by standing behind the line or the catch will not count.

Stick Barrels – The contestant who completes a cloverleaf pattern around three buckets in the fastest time wins. Must straddle stick horse throughout the run to qualify.

Calf Scramble – Calf will be released into the arena with tail ribbon. The contestant who gets the ribbon off the tail and returns it to the judge, wins. Multiple calves and ribbons may be possible.

Udder Cow Milking – Udders filled with milk will be hung from the fence. Contestants race to the udder, fill their assigned container to the mark and race back for the judge’s inspection. Contestants will race in heats, with the finalists competing in a final championship heat.

Western Lead Line – Horse may be of any size. Horse to be lead by an adult, 18 years of age or older and shown at a walk only. Appearance of leader, rider and horse to count 50% and horsemanship to count 50%. No studs allowed and no tying the child to the horse.

Walk Trot Horsemanship – Entries shall enter the arena at a walk. Riders will be judged on ability to keep horse in designated gait, and overall control at any place in arena. Riders will be asked to walk, trot and reverse. Riders may be asked to back.

Western Pleasure – Horses shall be shown at a walk, canter and trot. They shall be judged on manners, conformation and suitability for use as a Western Pleasure horse.

Reining – We will use the Miss Rodeo Plainville Pageant Pattern – click here to view.

Egg in Spoon Race – Riders enter the arena carrying an egg in the bowl of a spoon. The riders follow the steward’s commands through gait transitions. The rider who lasts the longest with their egg in the spoon is declared the winner.

Ribbon Race – A pair of riders hold a 5-foot length of ribbon between them and race around two markers without breaking the ribbon. Ribbon dropped or broken, results in a no-time. Also if pattern is broken, result is a no-time. Fastest time wins.

Phone Book Race – Rider enters the arena and is given a name to look up in the phone book by the ring steward. Time begins as soon as the steward gives the name. Rider races to phone book placed on a barrel at the other end. Must find the name, tear the page out and return to the steward for inspection. Fast time wins. Wrong page returned, no time awarded.

Barrel Race – In running this race start at the starting line at a standing or running start, contestant may go to either right or left barrel first but must make two left turns and one right turn, or two right turns and one left turn and back across the starting line. Rider to be assessed a five second penalty for each barrel knocked over.

Flying W – Three poles set in a W at the end of the arena. Rider will run to last pole on either side of the arena and make a right or left turn toward center of arena, proceed to center pole make a turn in opposite direction of first turn, continue to pole on opposite side of arena from first pole and make a right or left turn towards fence and proceed on to finish line. Rider to be assessed a five second penalty for each pole knocked over. Rider disqualified for touching a pole with a hand and failure to follow the course.

Pole Bending – At start, contestant may start either to the right or to the left of the first pole and then run the remainder of the pattern accordingly weaving through the poles and turning at the end of the last pole and repeating before racing back across the finish line. Rider to be assessed a five second penalty for each pole knocked over. Rider disqualified for touching a pole with a hand and failure to follow the course.

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