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Princess (Jr. Miss Rodeo Plainville) Rulebook

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Important Facts

Contest Dates:  June 11, Rodeo June 12 & 13, 2015

Entry Deadline:  May 18, 2015

Entry Fee:  $35 (due May 18, 2015)


Need a head and shoulders photo of contestant in western attire with hat. Must be 4” x 6” photo that will be used for competition and press releases. Must be received by the committee no later than May 18 of the Pageant Year.

Housing and Transportation

Jr. Miss contestants are to be chaperoned by an adult throughout the pageant. The chaperone is responsible for the contestant’s and their own room, board and transportation. Jr. Miss contestant’s meals are provided during the style show and before horsemanship.


Contestants must provide their own horse and are responsible for the horse’s boarding. If there are any problems finding a place contact a pageant committee member. Contestants’ must have someone care for and prepare their horse throughout the pageant. Contestants will not be able to do this themselves as they are to remain under supervision of the committee at all times.

Contestant Eligibility

The following are the general guidelines for eligibility for the Jr. Miss Rodeo Plainville Pageant:

Each contestant must be at least 10 years of age, and not more than 16 years of age, as of June 1 of the year of competition.

She shall never have been married. The winner of the Jr. Miss Rodeo Plainville title shall also agree not to marry during the year of her reign.

If she should marry, or for any reason not be able to fulfill her obligations, the title will be removed from her and passed on to the First Runner-up in that year’s pageant.

She shall waiver liability. She shall be a legal resident (a resident of at least six months) of the state of Kansas. She shall never have been a previous Jr. Miss Rodeo Kansas.

All contestants are required to abide by the pageant rules and regulations with possible disqualification for infraction of those rules.

Should circumstances ever occur that a contestant is conducting herself in an improper manner, she will be disqualified from the pageant competition.

If the Jr. Miss Rodeo Plainville titleholder has ever been pregnant, is pregnant or becomes pregnant during her reign, she will forfeit her crown and all benefit and gifts derived from the pageant and title.

Jr. Miss Rodeo Plainville is required to sign a contract that defines the requirements of her reign.

Judged Events

Contestants are scored on six judged events. Within each judged event, the contestants are evaluated on personality, appearance, and horsemanship in addition to their event score.

Horsemanship Competition

Contestants will execute the designated pattern once using their own mount. (Click here to view reining pattern.)

Talent Competition

Jr. Miss contestants will perform a talent act for competition. Open to any form of talent. Limited to three minutes. Please keep in mind there will be a limited amount of space available.

Extemporaneous Questions

Extemporaneous questions will be asked of each contestant following each reining pattern and after each talent.


Contestants model a formal western outfit. Each contestant will write a description of their attire on a 3” x 5” index card for the style show.


Each contestant will be interviewed privately by the judges. Questions will test contestant’s knowledge of horsemanship, horse care (nutrition, anatomy and diseases) as well as current affairs.

Public Appearances

All Jr. Miss contestants will ride in Friday & Saturday’s grand entry of the Plainville Saddle Club Rodeo. All contestants will help host kid games downtown, Saturday as well as ride in the parade and attend the Free BBQ in the city park.


The contestant must turn in a 4” x 6” head and shoulders photograph of them in western attire with a hat by May 18 for the photogenic portion of the competition.


Control of mount and ability to deal with any situation which may arise.

Balance – ability to sit a saddle

Mounting and dismounting

The understanding and skill of the contestant will be judged, not the horse or the equipment.

Showmanship should be considered, since a contestant’s personality does project from horseback to the audience and judges.


Intelligence and good common sense.

Education and conversational ability in rodeo and other areas with special emphasis on grammar and enunciation.

Attractiveness – not necessarily to mean beauty in the sense, but rather should note whether the contestant radiates self-confidence without making an issue out of it. She should show maturity, high moral standards, sincerity and integrity.

Personality Reflections – includes contestant’s style of attire, overall appearance, magnetism and eye appeal.

Genuine interest in other people, in the pageant and in rodeo, and a noticeable consideration for others.

Self-projection Ability – being able to project one’s personality whether it be from horseback in an arena, on television, or before an audience. Also to be considered is sense of humor, showmanship, ambition, desire and enthusiasm.

Happy outlook on life in general.

Promptness in keeping pageant schedule.


General attractiveness, poise and proper behavior in every situation.

Grooming – includes neatness and cleanliness in every detail, such as complexion, hands, fingernails, hair, hat, boots and other wearing apparel.

Photogenics Quality – judges will have a picture to study of each contestant. A girl’s strength of character and personality are reflected strongly in a wholesome appearance.

Posture and poise is important. Contestants should have an awareness of fashionable western dress and style with particular attention given to proper fit, style, color and coordination that enhances her total appearance.

All dresses must have sleeves and sleeves should be longer than a cap sleeve. If dress or top does not have sleeves then a jacket with sleeves must be worn. The skirt length should not be more than 3" above the knee. No halter or prom type dresses. No midriff showing. Nothing extremely low cut either in the front or the back. The style you project with your outfit should BE WESTERN.

Horsemanship Division

Contestants may not change tack on their draw horse except to alter stirrup length. Whatever tack the contestants use on their own horse during the pattern will remain with the horse for the other contestants’ use during the horsemanship competition.

Dress wear for horsemanship is any color Wrangler five pocket jean and western blouse or shirt with long sleeves, tucked in. Any color accessories may be worn (hat, boots, belt). Gloves are optional. Chaps nor spurs will be allowed. Wrangler five pocket jean is recommended as per MRA guidelines, but not required.

Contestants ride in the grand entry of Friday & Saturday night’s performance as well as Saturday’s parade downtown.

Modeling Competition

Contestants will have to provide their own clothing for the modeling competition. (An excellent source for clothing are former rodeo queens as they are usually more than willing to share their clothes.)

Contestants must have a typed or printed modeling description on a 3” x 5” index card of their attire to turn into the pageant committee at the dress rehearsal.

Appearance Division

The following rules of dress must be adhered to during the pageant and few exceptions will be allowed:

Western dress is expected at all times during the pageant, other than informal events or leisure time for the contestants designated by pageant officials.

Western boots will be worn with all outfits and may not be fashion boots such as Zodiac, Capezio, etc. Lace-up boots are not recommended.

A western hat must be worn with all outfits during the competition. Straw hats are not recommended.

Western blouses are required with outfits and should be long-sleeved. Turtleneck dickies or collar inserts are not allowed. Revealing or transparent blouses are not allowed.

Only western-style jeans (any color) should be worn during the pageant when more casual attire is specified in the agenda.

All clothing must be strictly western in style: accessories such as belts, buckles, hats, gloves, boots skirts, blouses, jackets, dresses, suits, jumpsuits, split skirts, vests, etc. Chaps are not permitted.

It is not necessary to invest in an excessive amount of expensive clothing. Judges will be looking for versatility and imagination in the coordination of outfits. (Wrangler products are required by the Miss Rodeo America Pageant at all times when contestants are in slacks. If you are going to purchase clothing, you may want to take this into consideration for budgeting purposes.

Click here for the reining pattern.

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